Dienstag, 4. Juli 2017

integrity - those who fear tomorrow (tan vinyl)

over a year ago i got myself a copy of integrity's first album called "those who fear tomorrow". back then i didn't want to wait for a cooler copy coming my way and so i ordered a clear blue copy hassle-free from per koro records. although it was convenient to obtain this record, i wasn't completely satisfied and still needed to get an opaque coloured version of former pressings. the reasons were many. first of all those earlier pressings came with a gatefold cover with excerpts of visual work of hieronymus bosch on the inside taken from the dutch east india trading cd version.
that looks very apocalyptic and really works well with the album title. the second reason was all the invisible ink that kind of became a trademark detail for any integrity record done by organized crime records. unfortunately the clear blue re-press didn't have any. the third reason was the vinyl colour. opaque pink or tan colour vinyl looked especially tempting. in the end i snagged this tan copy from a seller from germany and re-invested the money i got from the sale of my clear blue copy.
the album itself is another reason for my preference of the early integrity material. what a timeless mixture of hardcore, thrash and death metal. "systems overload" is still my favourite record of integ but the debut ranks pretty close to it. my tan copy is out of 400 copies pressed of the second organized crime pressing for this album. i love the marble effect of this colour pattern. originally released in 1991 on overkill records. organized crime records. 2010.

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