Dienstag, 11. Juli 2017

inanimate existence - a never-ending cycle of atonement

after i bought the third full length of inanimate existence called "calling from a dream" there was no doubt that i also needed their other stuff on vinyl. in 2014 this technical death metal band from california released their sophomore album going by the name of "a never-ending cycle of atonement". back then unique leader records didn't feel it was necessary to give it the vinyl treatment. fortunately this mindset changed a year later. again ebay was my source for unique leader vinyl.
commercial seller dodax had a few copies in stock and i gladly took one. one and half week later i was the proud owner of a lovely white with blue splatter vinyl copy of "a never-ending cycle of atonement". musically this one is more raw in comparison to "calling from a dream". the female vocals are almost non-existing and the dark ambient melodies which gave the last album a little goth touch are not as prominent on "a never-ending cycle...".
all this doesn't hinder this record in being a great tech-death album, it simply makes it a little less unique. but you may check for yourself via this link. the presentation is the usual way unique leader handles their releases. a slip sleeve and a printed dust sleeve with further information. the cover artwork by guang yang is amazing and together with the lovely vinyl colour it is the perfect combination. don't know how many have been made. unique leader records. 2014/2015.

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